Episode 56 – The Films of John Singleton – Rosewood (1997) & Baby Boy (2001)

Our look at the filmography of the great John Singleton continues with two of his mid-period films, starting with the often-brutal historical drama ROSEWOOD from 1997, followed by the coming-of-age comedy-drama BABY BOY from 2001. Also, Liam we had already recorded this and Liam deleted it. HEAR THE WEARINESS IN OUR VOICES. Enjoy!Read more

Episode 55 – Eric Roberts is the Man – The Beautiful Ones (2017)

On a brand new ACTION PACKED episode of Eric Roberts is the Man we're joined by Cinapse co-founder and editor Ed Travis to discuss Jesse V. Johnson's 2017 throwback actioner THE BEAUTIFUL ONES from 2017. Does the film stack up to the films and filmmakers it constantly references, or did the distributor's choice to abandon its intended black & white aesthetic undermine its intentions? Let's find out! Read more

Episode 54 – JodoWOWsky Part 1- Early shorts & Fando and Lis (1968)

Welcome to the PREMIERE episode of JODOWOWSKY, a light-hearted, chronological look through the career of actor, writer, poet, playwright, novelist, editor, comics writer, musician, puppeteer, mime, painter, and so much more.. Alejandro Jodorowsky! In this episode we look at our hopes for the podcast (as well as some concerns) and then discuss Jodorowsky's early short films, before coming back from a break to discuss his first feature length movie FANDO AND LIS. Read more

Episode 53 – Praising Kane – Harry and Walter Go To New York (1976)

We continue our chronological look at the career of Carol Kane with the notorious 1976 flop HARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK! Despite a packed cast that includes Elliott Gould, James Caan, Diane Keaton and Michael Caine the film was a box office and critical bust. But does the vaudeville-tinged safecracking caper have anything to recommend it? Let's find out!Read more

Episode 52 – Whatever Happened To Vic Diaz? – Bloodfist (1989)

On this limb-shattering episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? we're heading to 1989 and a film that was in EVERY video store in the early 90s: BLOODFIST! Starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Billy Blanks and - of course - Vic Diaz, the film has Wilson's character infiltrate an underground martial arts tournament to find out the mysterious circumstances behind his brother's death. Sound familiar? It should! Let's check it out!Read more

Episode 51 – We Do Our Own Stunts – The Hand of Death (1976)

On this episode of WE DO OUR OWN STUNTS we're taking a step back from Lo Wei's attempts to launch Jackie Chan into superstardom and instead looking at the film that caught his attention in the first place: John Woo's THE HAND OF DEATH! Not only does the film bring Jackie Chan together with the legendary director of THE KILLER and HARD BOILED, but it also features fellow Seven Little Fortunes alumni Sammo Hung (who was also the stunt co-ordinator), Yuen Baio and Yuen Wah! Check it out!Read more

Episode 50 – How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? – The Cobbler (2014)

On this episode of HOW DO YOU DO, FELLOW KIDS? we're discussing the 2014 abomination THE COBBLER, where Adam Sandler uses a magical sewing machine to literally allow him to walk a mile in someone's shoes. It doesn't go well. Featuring one of the most out there endings we've ever encountered, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Come check it out!Read more

Episode 49 – Forgotten Gems? – Head-On (2004)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! On our first episode of 2021 we're heading to the 54th Berlin International Film Festival to look at the Golden Bear-winning Turkish-German drama HEAD-ON from 2004. An intense, disturbing, film about two self-destructive Turkish immigrants in Germany who enter a marriage of convenience but end of falling in love makes for often challenging viewing, but is it a FORGOTTEN GEM? Let's find out!Read more

Episode 48 – Cinema Fantastica Holiday Special – A Christmas Horror Story (2015) & Good Tidings (2016)

On this special HOLIDAY edition of Cinema Fantastica we go all the way to Berlin, Germany and the 2016 Weihnachtsfilmfestival, which features a program of Christmas (and Christmas adjacent) films! Our two hosts put the Canadian anthology horror film A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY against the British killer Santa gorefest GOOD TIDINGS! CHECK IT OUT!Read more

Episode 47 – Praising Kane – Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

On the latest episode of PRAISING KANE we're looking at Sidney Lumet's 1975 masterpiece DOG DAY AFTERNOON, and along with it the 2014 documentary THE DOG which focuses on the real-life inspiration for the film. We take a look at some of the differences between adaptation and reality, Al Pacino (of course), the effect the film had on the real-life "Dog" and much more. Check it out!Read more

Episode 46 – You Don’t Know Dick – After Hours (1985)

On this episode of YOU DON'T KNOW DICK we're joined by actress/podcaster/writer/director Julia Marchese to discuss Martin Scorsese's 1985 dark comedy AFTER HOURS! We also talk Stephen King adaptations, Scorsese's filmography, and - of course - all things Dick Miller. Check it out!Read more

Episode 45 – Eric Roberts Is The Man Redux – 90 Feet From Home (2019)

DEAR GOD it's a brand new episode of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN REDUX! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! On this episode we're joined by baseball journalist and podcaster Andrew Stoeten to discuss the 2019 faith-based (kinda) baseball movie 90 FEET FROM HOME, starring WWE hall of famer Shawn Michaels, former Superman Dean Cain and ERIC ROBERTS! We also talk about POLITICS, live music, DR. WHO and so, so much more.Read more

Episode 44 – The Films of John Singleton – Higher Learning (1995) & 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

On this episode of The Films of John Singleton we're doubling up one of his most interesting - and prescient - features with a film from one of the biggest franchises of all time! We start by taking a look at 1995's HIGHER LEARNING, a sometimes stodgy but ultimately worthwhile look at the various troubles and conflicts that occur among a group of college freshmen. Then we move onto the eye-blistering neon of the big-budget 2003 sequel 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS!Read more

Episode 43 – We Do Our Own Stunts – Shaolin Wooden Men (1976)

Following the failure of NEW FIST OF FURY to launch the career of Jackie Chan, producer Lo Wei took another swing with the Chen Chi-Hwa-directed SHAOLIN WOODEN MEN from 1976. Featuring a story of revenge and intrigue, as well as the titular hallway of chain-operated wooden men, the film - thankfully - strays away from trying to recreate Bruce Lee's persona and we get something closer to the Jackie Chan roles that would launch him to stardom. Closer... but not quite there. Check it out!Read more

Episode 42 – Forgotten Gems? – Heat and Sunlight (1987)

On this episode of FORGOTTEN GEMS? we're looking at 1988 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner HEAT AND SUNLIGHT from director/actor Rob Nilsson! It's a completely improvised drama about a former war photographer who now finds himself tangling with complicated feelings about his current relationship and BOY does it swing widely between visually and formally inventive and absolutely tedious. Also, there's FRUITICIDE. Let's check it out!Read more

Episode 41 – How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? – Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1987)

On HOW DO YOU DO, FELLOW KIDS? we look at the life and career of beloved oddball character actor Steve Buscemi, and on this episode we go all the way back to 1987 and Peter Ily Huemer's neon-soaked noirish "thriller" KISS DADDY GOODNIGHT! Featuring Uma Thurman making her feature film debut, as well as forgotten Dillon sibling Paul Dillon, the movie is meandering, ugly and tedious, but manages to capture a uniquely grimy aesthetic at times. Also, STEVE BUSCEMI is in it! CHECK IT OUT!Read more

Episode 40 – Whatever Happened To Vic Diaz? – Vampire Hookers (1978)

We're still wondering WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? and on this episode we're staying spooky.. kinda with 1978's VAMPIRE HOOKERS! Starring John Carradine as a vampire hanging out in the Philippines with a bevy of bodacious lady vampires, it's an extremely silly horror-comedy featuring an incredible theme song and Vic Diaz as a flatulent familiar. But is it any good? Let's find out!Read more

Episode 39 – Halloween Horror Special – The Beach House (2019) & Swallow (2019)

It's the Cinema Smorgasbord Halloween Horror SPECIAL, with discussions about Halloween traditions, Glen Danzig, Devil's/mischief night, razor blades in candy and SO MUCH MORE! Followed by a look at two recent horror releases: the 2019 low-budget sci-fi horror film THE BEACH HOUSE and the psychological horror of 2019's SWALLOW. CHECK IT OUT!Read more

Episode 38 – Cinema Fantastica – The Borrower (1991) & Children of the Night (1991)

On this special SUPER SPOOKY episode of Cinema Fantastica we're going all the way back to the 1991 Toronto International Film Festival's MIDNIGHT MADNESS program! This time we're looking at two somewhat forgotten horror films from the time: John McNaughton's head-swapping satire THE BORROWER takes on Tony Randel's Fangoria-produced vampire film CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT!Read more

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