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In 1974 Mario Bava was struggling after a series of financial failures and decided to turn towards a genre completely new to him: Poliziotteschi! Adapting a crime story by Michael J. Carroll, he was almost finished filming when the producer filed for bankruptcy, leaving the film to sit on a shelf for twenty years (well after Bava’s death in 1980). On this episode of WILD IN THE STREETS we take a look at the revived film RABID DOGS, which exists in FIVE different versions – most notably an unfinished workprint version and a re-edited version with new sequences filmed by Lamberto Bava retitled KIDNAPPED! Was it worth the wait, or should these dogs be put down? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!


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ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN returns and this episode is packed with NEWS, SURPRISES and 2024’s AMITYVILLE BIGFOOT, which features a Sasquatch squirting toxic milk out of its nipples (among other things). We’re helped along this rocky road by The Nu Metal Agenda Podcast’s Cranfather, who assists us in breaking down all the latest Eric Roberts news and social media posts and immediately regrets his decision to choose this film for us to watch. We forgive him! A fun time was had by all, so let’s listen!

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After a 23-year hiatus away from directing (and with an assist from the Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary) Alejandro Jodorowsky returned to filmmaking with the autobiographical fantasy (based on his own book) THE DANCE OF REALITY in 2013. On this episode of JodoWOWsky we break down all the latest Jodorowsky news (including Julia’s experience attending some recent screenings with Jodo himself!), take a look at the Adan Jodorowsky-directed short film THE VOICE THIEF (based on his father’s short story) and – of course – going deep on THE DANCE OF REALITY!

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Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Films Ranked: 

Jodorowsky’s Dune: What Happened to This Unmade Movie?: 

Check out Alejandro Jodorowsky: Filmmaker and Philosopher author William Egginton’s appearance on the History of Literature podcast:

Interview: Alejandro Jodorowsky Talks Life, Art, And THE DANCE OF REALITY

Interview: Alejandro Jodorowsky on “The Dance of Reality” and the Healing Power of Art:

Julia Marchese is a filmmaker, actor, writer, film programmer and podcaster. Julia’s first film was Out of Print, a documentary about the importance of revival cinema and 35mm to culture. The film has played all over the world in film archives, art house cinemas and universities. The 35mm print of the film is now housed at The Academy Film Archives. Her next project is a short film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “I Know What You Need”. She is the co-host of Horror Movie Survival Guide, a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into a different horror film each week, focusing on how to become the final girl. You can follow her on her social media platforms

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Nobody is talking about FURIOSA anymore, so it’s time for Cinema Smorgasbord to step in with our much delayed opinion! We discuss the pacing, the performances, the brutality, our favorite Mad Max films in the series, the FX and – BRIEFLY – the box office. Does FURIOSA have what it takes to make it EPIC, or was it just another Beyond Thunderdome? LISTEN AND LEARN, PALS!


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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ is BACK! On this episode Tom Selleck is an American museum curator in the Philippines who becomes obsessed with a painting of three witches being burned at the stake when he notices one eerily resembles his young wife Chris (Barra Grant) in 1972’s DAUGHTERS OF SATAN. What follows is SATANISM, witchery, a demon dog from HELL, and lots and lots of day-for-night filmmaking. Also.. the wonderful Vic Diaz as the fiendish antiques dealer Carlos Ching! Let’s explore it together, friends.

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Hot diggity dog! On a returning PRAISING KANE we’re committed to giving you the best possible value for your ears, so not only are we going over the latest Carol Kane news, we’re also discussing both an episode of the beloved sitcom CHEERS (featuring Carol Kane as a woman who catches Sam’s eye before he discovers she was previously in a mental hospital), and we also go deep on the Barbara Mandrell-starring TV movie BURNING RAGE from 1984 featuring Tom Wopat, Eddie Albert, Bert Remsen and – of course – Carol Kane for some reason! The film has Mandrell trying to convince a small southern town to move away from their dangerous, combustible mines while she’s being wooed by Tom Wopat’s and being chased (and threatened) by money-obsessed psycho Eddie Albert! LET’S LISTEN!

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BIG NEWS on this episode of HOW DO YOU DO, FELLOW KIDS? where we discuss the recent distressing assault on Steve Buscemi on the streets of New York City, all the recent Buscemi news – including him joining the cast of WEDNESDAY – and we go long on Tom DiCillo’s indie black comedy LIVING IN OBLIVION! We also chat about our own limited experience as making movies and talk about why some find the film inspiring, while it’s scared others from the movie business entirely! CHECK IT OUT!


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On this episode of Cinema Fantastica we’re traveling back to 1984 and the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival in Boston, Massachusetts – one of the longest running genre film festivals in the United States! This iteration was an all-night science fiction movie marathon, and we’re putting two genre classics against each other: Roger Corman’s unnerving X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES from 1963 vs Saul Bass’ environmental sci-fi/horror PHASE IV from 1974! WHICH FILM WILL REIGN SUPREME? Listen and find out!

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After helping him get out of his previous contract (and some messy business with some Triads) Jackie Chan owed martial arts superstar Jimmy Wang Yu some big favors, and he started paying up by appearing briefly in the truly bizarre 1983 action/comedy FANTASY MISSION FORCE. Despite a plot structure that (loosely) copies The Dirty Dozen, FANTASY MISSION FORCE throws in amazons, Nazis, vampires, ghosts, Brigitte Lin, musical numbers, Mad Max-style cars and lots and lots of explosions. There’s even a few kung fu fights for good measure, It’s far from boring, but is it any good? Let’s find out!

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