On the latest episode of FORGOTTEN GEMS? we’re traveling back to 2004 to check out Joshua Marston’s much lauded (particularly for its lead performance by Catalina Sandino Moreno) drug smuggling drama MARIA FULL OF GRACE. But aside from that dynamite lead, does the film hold up to our older – and somehow even MORE cynical – eyes? And does it even matter? Lots of talk about the drug war, hypocrisy, and all that good stuff. Check it out!


After that last episode of FORGOTTEN GEMS? we were feeling a little down, so to pick up our spirits we decided to watch a film that is only PARTIALLY miserable: the Golden Bear winning Brazilian-French film CENTRAL STATION from 1998. Featuring death, despair, and – rather improbably – hope, it includes an incredible (and Academy Award nominated) performance from Fernanda Montenegro. BUT IS IT ANY GOOD? Let’s find out!


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On the latest episode of PRAISING KANE we’re looking at the Joan Micklin Silver’s 1975 film HESTER STREET, a breakout film for Carol Kane for which she was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. It’s a tale of Jewish immigrants at the turn of the 20th century attempting to adapt to life in New York City, and you can hear Liam and Doug struggle with material well outside their regular wheelhouse! We also chat about Dick Cavett, The Princess’ Bride, the Oscar curse and SO MUCH MORE! Check it out!

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