On this episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? we’re checking out the Phillipines-shot blaxploitation classic SAVAGE! from 1973, directed by Cirio H. Santiago and starring James Iglehart and Carol Speed! It’s full of explosions, knife throwing, inconsistent facial hair and a soundtrack full of jazz flute, so you KNOW it’s good. We also talk about our tricky history with the blaxploitation genre and, of course, all things Vic Diaz. CHECK IT OUT!

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Billed as “the screen’s first erotic kung-fu classic”, FIRECRACKER stars RAW FORCE’s Jillian Kesner as a butt-kicking karate expert who travels to Hong Kong (actually the Philippines) to track down her journalist sister who recently vanished. Featuring topless fight scenes, stick fighting and, of course, Vic Diaz as “Grip”. Essentially a remake of TNT JACKSON (which director Cirio H. Santiago would remake again in 1992 as ANGELFIST), FIRECRACKER is extremely silly, but is it any fun? Listen to the latest episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ and find out!


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We’re still wondering WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? and on this episode we’re staying spooky.. kinda with 1978’s VAMPIRE HOOKERS! Starring John Carradine as a vampire hanging out in the Philippines with a bevy of bodacious lady vampires, it’s an extremely silly horror-comedy featuring an incredible theme song and Vic Diaz as a flatulent familiar. But is it any good? Let’s find out!