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Leslie Nielsen is leading a group of brainwashed, drugged up SUPER SOLDIERS in the Philippines but after taking a break from his daily dose of super soldier serum he starts to grow a conscience and goes on the run, with his first-in-command Gary Lockwood hot on his trail in William Girdler’s conspiracy action film PROJECT: KILL from 1976. If you like seeing two old, not-very-flexible actors throwing kicks and uppercuts while Filipino stuntmen go flying, this is the movie for you. Best of all SPECIAL GUEST Vic Diaz shows up to gnaw on the scenery. Check it out!


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We continue to ask the question WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? as we look at the gonzo action/exploitation film WONDER WOMEN from 1973, featuring a very sweaty Ross Hagen, a very camp Sid Haig, a very mysterious Nancy Kwan and VIC DIAZ! Featuring cockfighting, buggy chases, mutants, KUNG FU and so much more!

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