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JodoWOWsky returns in 2023 with an episode devoted to the decade long comic book collaboration between Alejandro Jodorowsky and Juan Giménez tracing the family history of one of The Incal’s most notorious (and mysterious) characters: The Metabaron Saga. On this episode we discuss the ENTIRE saga, featuring nearly 500 pages of galactic myths and some of the wildest characters, battles and plot twists you’ll ever see. Along the way we discuss Jodrowsky’s NEWLY ANNOUNCED FILM, all the recent Jodorowsky-adjacent comic work, and SO MUCH MORE. Check it out, paleo-jerks!

On this episode we discuss this recent article from World of Reel discussing the announcement of Jodorowsky’s new film: 

We also discuss these AI-generated images attempting to visualize what an Alejandro Jodrowsky-directed version of TRON might look like:

And also his version of Frasier:

We also relied heavily on information from The Metabarons section of the Jodoverse wiki, which you can access right here:

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