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On this episode of PRAISING KANE we’re once again doubling up, starting with an episode of the eighth season of LAVERNE & SHIRLEY which is without Shirley, Lenny or Squiggy.. but we do have dog murder, Charles Fleischer and not much else, except Carol Kane as a streetwise fortune teller. We follow that with the 1981 film adaptation of Richard Foreman’s avant-garde play STRONG MEDICINE, steeped in the subject matter championed by his Ontological-Hysteric Theater. Hear us struggle with material we’re woefully out of step with! All that and the latest Carol Kane news. CHECK IT OUT.

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CINEMA FANTASTICA returns with a look at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival! In this episode we pit Bong Joon-ho’s debut feature BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE against the German Beatles-adoring coming of age film PAUL IS DEAD! Two very worthwhile films, but WHICH REIGNS SUPREME? Listen and let us know!