On an explosive episode of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN we’re joined by Effin’ Birds and Swear Trek creator Aaron Reynolds to discuss the Keenen Ivory Wayans-starring action film MOST WANTED from 1997! We also discuss doughnuts as breakfast food, worst first dates, Home Alone (with dogs!), and all the latest Eric Roberts news! CHECK IT OUT!

You can find Aaron Reynolds on Twitter @AaronReynolds, and don’t forget to check out the @EffinBirds and @Swear_Trek accounts as well.

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It’s the long awaited return of the world’s only Eric Roberts-related podcast, only this time things are a little different. In that we’ve slapped REDUX at the end of the title and it’s no longer bi-weekly. The rest is as you know and love, and this time we’re tackling a long-requested ERITFM project: Season 5, Episode 5 of the terminally bro-y TV series Entourage featuring Eric Roberts playing.. himself!

This time we’re joined by Justin Harlan from the Grindhouse Messiah podcast and The Farsighted Blog. Check him out on Twitter @thepaintedman.