On our special HOLIDAY episode of Cinema Smorgasbord we travel once again to the Weihnachtsfilmfestival in Berlin, Germany to talk about two Christmas-themed films! We start with the black and white South Korean dramedy MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. MO from 2016, and finish with the made-for-TV Newfoundland-set film A CHRISTMAS FURY from 2017. We also learn about some holiday television traditions, get deep into our daddy issues, and discuss the previous year of Cinema Smorgasbord podcasts. CHECK IT OUT and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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On this special HOLIDAY edition of Cinema Fantastica we go all the way to Berlin, Germany and the 2016 Weihnachtsfilmfestival, which features a program of Christmas (and Christmas adjacent) films! Our two hosts put the Canadian anthology horror film A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY against the British killer Santa gorefest GOOD TIDINGS! CHECK IT OUT!