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Nobody is talking about FURIOSA anymore, so it’s time for Cinema Smorgasbord to step in with our much delayed opinion! We discuss the pacing, the performances, the brutality, our favorite Mad Max films in the series, the FX and – BRIEFLY – the box office. Does FURIOSA have what it takes to make it EPIC, or was it just another Beyond Thunderdome? LISTEN AND LEARN, PALS!


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After helping him get out of his previous contract (and some messy business with some Triads) Jackie Chan owed martial arts superstar Jimmy Wang Yu some big favors, and he started paying up by appearing briefly in the truly bizarre 1983 action/comedy FANTASY MISSION FORCE. Despite a plot structure that (loosely) copies The Dirty Dozen, FANTASY MISSION FORCE throws in amazons, Nazis, vampires, ghosts, Brigitte Lin, musical numbers, Mad Max-style cars and lots and lots of explosions. There’s even a few kung fu fights for good measure, It’s far from boring, but is it any good? Let’s find out!

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They took his girl. Now he’s taking them STRAIGHT TO HELL! On this episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ we’re getting properly post-apocalyptic with Cirio H. Santiago’s Mad Max-“inspired”, giant gun classic EQUALIZER 2000 starring Richard Norton (/w frosted tips), Corinne Wahl and a VERY young Robert Patrick in only his second ever role! There’s lots of gunfire, explosions and – blissfully – almost no plot to be concerned with, and it delivers the promise of a very big gun that mows down tons of faceless bad guys. HOORAY. We also chat a bit about the long tradition of post-apocalyptic films and some of our favs, and – of course – we dive into an appearance by the legendary Vic Diaz. CHECK IT OUT!