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We’re DOUBLING UP on this episode of Praising Kane, which features a discussion on Carol Kane’s first episode of Taxi (and some very controversial statements from Liam on 80s sitcoms), but also Ralph Rosenblum’s 1981 TV adaptation of James Thurber’s satirical short story THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD, featuring an introduction by Henry Fonda! Not only that, but we also fit in a discussion on the recent announcement of Carol Kane joining the cast of STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS! It’s almost TOO MUCH, yet here it is. Enjoy.

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Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, John Merill (kickboxing champ Jerry Trimble) is sent to a brutal island prison run by the sadistic Warden Acosta (Vic Diaz!) in 1993’s LIVE BY THE FIST, a straight up remake of 1991’s BLOODFIST III! This one has George Takei, though! On this episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? we took a close look at this Roger Corman-produced, Cirio H. Santiago-directed action film which features some pretty decent action and.. not much else! CHECK IT OUT!


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On this episode of YOU DON’T KNOW DICK we’re joined by Elijah Drenner, the director of the 2014 documentary THAT GUY DICK MILLER to talk about Dick Miller’s life and work, and how a special feature grew into a feature length celebration of the man we all love. Then we delve into one of Dick Miller’s most iconic roles: Murray Futterman in 1984’s GREMLINS. It’s a packed show, so TIME TO LISTEN!

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