On our special HOLIDAY episode of Cinema Smorgasbord we travel once again to the Weihnachtsfilmfestival in Berlin, Germany to talk about two Christmas-themed films! We start with the black and white South Korean dramedy MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. MO from 2016, and finish with the made-for-TV Newfoundland-set film A CHRISTMAS FURY from 2017. We also learn about some holiday television traditions, get deep into our daddy issues, and discuss the previous year of Cinema Smorgasbord podcasts. CHECK IT OUT and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


On this episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? we’re heading back to 1973 and the surprisingly Filipino-centric war film A TASTE OF HELL. Starring William Smith as an American soldier helping local villagers fight off the Japanese during World War II and John Gardwood as a soldier who gets horribly burned by a Japanese attack and haunts the nearby villages as a monstrous hunchback! It’s real weird. But it does have a delightful moustache twirling performance by Vic Diaz, and also a pretty amazing decapitation that may or may not directly involve the man. Check it out!


After the collapse of Jodorowsky’s Dune project, the work that went into it went on to influence countless other future film projects, but it also provided the inspiration for another work: the comic series THE INCAL, which began in 1981 in the pages of Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) and continued the collaboration between Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius (aka Jean Giraud). That story took seven years to tell, finally finishing in 1988. Since then there’s been a prequel (Before The Incal), an abandoned sequel with Moebius (After The Incal) and a true sequel finished in 2014 (Final Incal). On this episode of JodoWOWsky we check out the entire Incal saga, starting with Jodorowsky’s comic background and his first work with Moebius before moving into discussing each novel, before finishing with some final thoughts on the series, as well as our thoughts on the upcoming film version directed by Taika Waititi. And we finish by fan-casting our ideal John Difool! An epic project like The Incal requires an epic-length episode, so grab a whisky and a box of SPV and prepare to experience the greatest graphic novel series ever written.

On this episode we refer to the recent article from The Guardian about the auctioning off of the book of Jodorowsky’s DUNE. Check that out here.

We also referred to a recent interview that Jodorowsky did with The Hollywood Reporter about his 40 years with The Incal. Read that here.

Much research for this episode came from the wonderful Jodoverse wikipedia page. Check out its page on The Incal right here.

The Incal, Before The Incal, After The Incal and Final Incal are available through most booksellers online, but you can also purchase them directly through the Humanoids website. Check that out here.

Your hosts are Cinema Smorgasbord regulars Doug Tilley (@Doug_Tilley) and Liam O’Donnell (@LiamRulz), but they are joined on this adventure by the always wonderful and incisive Julia Marchese!

Julia is a filmmaker, actor, writer, film programmer and podcaster. Julia’s first film was Out of Print, a documentary about the importance of revival cinema and 35mm to culture. The film has played all over the world in film archives, art house cinemas and universities. The 35mm print of the film is now housed at The Academy Film Archives. Her next project is a short film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “I Know What You Need”. She is the co-host of Horror Movie Survival Guide, a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into a different horror film each week, focusing on how to become the final girl. You can follow her on her social media platforms