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We’re back wondering WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? and this time we’re looking at one of Vic’s most memorable and outstanding roles, playing THE DEVIL in Eddie Romero’s 1971 creature feature THE BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT. Diaz’s Satan has brought John Ashley’s Joseph Langdon back to life to do his evil bidding, and also every so often he turns into a strange Wolfman-esque creature who lusts for blood. HUMAN BLOOD! Vic Diaz chews scenery while Ashley chews on the many unfortunates who get in his way, while our hosts tackle with their love for monster movies, the film’s unique religious themes and SO MUCH MORE. Check it out!


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On PRAISING KANE we take a chronological look through the film work of beloved actress Carol Kane! On the premiere episode we’re going back to 1971 to check out Frank D. Gilroy’s DESPERATE CHARACTERS starring Shirley MacLaine, Kenneth Mars and featuring an 18-year-old Carol Kane in her film debut! Co-starring New York City, which is like a whole OTHER CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE! Oh, we have fun. Join us.