It’s not only the return of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE (bad word) MAN, it’s also the return of the STALKED BY MY DOCTOR SERIES with 2021’s JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. A return to the heady days of the original STALKED films, this time we have Dr. Albert Beck hiding out in an abandoned house.. but not for long! We also talk at length about a newly launched Eric Roberts-related podcast that WE ARE ANGRY ABOUT, the latest Eric Roberts tweets, and SO MUCH NEWS. We’re joined on our journey by musician and podcaster Mike Paulshock, who discusses his love for the STALKED series and its lead actor: ERIC ROBERTS. Time to start listening!

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A triumphant return for Cinema Smorgasbord after a week hiatus, and we bring with us both tales of Liam moving his family to a new state, as well as Barry Jenkins’ first feature film: the 2008 romantic-drama Medicine For Melancholy. Starring Wyatt Cenac and Tracey Heggins, the movie traces the aftermath of a one-night-stand as two characters wander San Francisco and discuss relationships, race and gentrification. But is it a forgotten gem? Listen and find out!