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On this episode of GEORGE KENNEDY IS MY COPILOT we’re checking out a rare mid-80s George Kennedy commercial for York Heating and Cooling as well as Rupert Wyatt’s 2014 remake of the James Toback-written THE GAMBLER, which features the final role of George Kennedy! We discuss Mark Wahlberg’s attractiveness, the joys(?) of gambling, whether we would rather have a stereo system or black & white television and SO MUCH MORE! You gotta check it out, you just gotta!


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On this episode of BARTEL ME SOMETHING GOOD we’re off to the races with the Tim Conway-penned and Mike Nichols-produced gambling comedy THE LONGSHOT, starring Conway, Harvey Korman, Jack Weston and Ted Waas! A passion project for Tim Conway (and a work-for-hire gig for Paul Bartel) it’s.. a bit of an odd duck, but it DOES have a theme song rapped by Conway AND Ice-T! Enjoy!


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Jackie Chan having SEX! Wait, come back! Yes, it’s Jackie Chan’s notorious “porno” film, except it’s really just a silly comedy that throws a little nudity and light thrusting into the final half hour. ALL IN THE FAMILY has nothing to do with Archie Bunker, but it has a LOT to do with squabbling families, gambling, rickshaw drivers and virginity tests. There’s no martial arts, but there IS a bit where Jackie Chan gets a broken sternum due to SEX! Let’s check it out!