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Retired pro-wrestler Gail Kim, Pat Morita and Eric Roberts (and Eric Roberts’ hair!) star in the bizarre 2009 action fantasy ROYAL KILL, which features a totally bonkers twist and.. not a lot else! Alexander Wraith plays Adam Arthavan, a royal guard sent to protect a young girl – unknowingly the daughter of his king – from Gail Kim’s silent assassin. It’s kind of like The Terminator, except infinitely worse! Talking with us about Royal Kill (aka Ninja’s Creed) is restaurateur, chef and Nova Scotian Allan McPherson, who also gets to hear all the latest Eric Roberts news and tweets. Lucky! Join us, jerks!


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After the death of his mother, a young, thin, slightly gawky man in mourning suddenly finds her back from the grave with a hunger for human flesh and must keep her out-of-sight while simultaneously trying to woo his new girlfriend in a series of comedic sequences. No, it’s NOT Peter Jackson’s DEAD/ALIVE (aka BRAINDEAD), it’s the sometimes startlingly similar ED AND HIS DEAD MOTHER from 1993, which leans a lot heavier on goofy humor and much, much, MUCH lighter on graphic violence. This one has a devoted cult around it, and stars a post-RESERVOIR DOGS Steve Buscemi, as well as Ned Beatty, an incredible John Glover and Jon Gries in supporting roles. LET’S SEE WHAT WE THOUGHT!

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