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We tried. We tried our best to find some small piece of enjoyment in Dennis Dugan’s bafflingly misguided I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY, a film about two straight firefighters (played by Adam Sandler & Kevin James) who decide to get married in order to deal with some uncomfortable pension-related paperwork. Overstuffed with pitiful racist, sexist and homophobic stereotypes, it’s – even worse – completely unfunny, and has a horribly confused message at its core. Yeesh. Anyway, we get angry about that, but there’s also plenty of chat about the ongoing writer/actor strike, and – of course – all the latest Steve Buscemi news. CHECK IT OUT, JERKS.


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On this episode of Cinema Smorgasbord presents Cinema Fantastica we travel back to the 2008 Philadelphia Film Festival and two Korean films that played at their DANGER AFTER DARK program. We start with the brutally violent revenge drama SOO, featuring Ji Jin-hee as a mob enforcer who has to pose as his own cop twin brother to track down his brother’s killer. Then we chat about EPITAPH, a Gothic anthology horror film from the Jung Brothers. WHICH FILM IS BETTER? Let us know!