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We’re getting WILD IN THE STREETS with Henry Silva and Woody Strode in Fernando Di Leo’s THE ITALIAN CONNECTION from 1972! Starring Mario Adorf as a Milanese pimp wanted by the mob for a crime he didn’t commit, it takes its time getting going, but eventually turns into a story of violent revenge, including one of the finest chase sequences you’re likely to ever see! We discuss some of our other favorite chase scenes, Liam’s crime connections and SO MUCH MORE. Check it out!


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On this episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VIC DIAZ? we’re discussing the obscure – and unreleased in the USA – action film SPYDER from 1988 starring kickboxing champion Blake Bahner as BRAD SPYDER, a cop on the edge who travels to Hawaii to find out what happened to his beloved (and very dead) partner. If that sounds at all familiar, it’s because Roger Corman bought the rights to the film and had it re-edited and released as BLACKBELT II! It’s an action-packed (and very short) COBRA rip-off. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

As mentioned on the episode, you can watch the “Gravetour of the Famous” YouTube video, featuring the graves of Vic Diaz and Teddy Diaz here:



On this episode of WE DO OUR OWN STUNTS, a chronological Jackie Chan podcast, Jackie is still stuck in Korea with Lo Wei who is determined to make him a star. His next attempt is 1977’s TO KILL WITH INTRIGUE, an often baffling revenge film featuring Hsu Feng as a memorably sadistic villain who falls in love with Jackie’s Lei Shao-feng! There’s plenty of other twists and turns and both odd AND impressive martial arts. Check it out!


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On this episode of Cinema Smorgasbord presents Cinema Fantastica we travel back to the 2008 Philadelphia Film Festival and two Korean films that played at their DANGER AFTER DARK program. We start with the brutally violent revenge drama SOO, featuring Ji Jin-hee as a mob enforcer who has to pose as his own cop twin brother to track down his brother’s killer. Then we chat about EPITAPH, a Gothic anthology horror film from the Jung Brothers. WHICH FILM IS BETTER? Let us know!