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On a brand new episode of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN we’re on a highway to the mockbuster danger zone with 2020’s TOP GUNNER, which was originally meant to be released alongside TOP GUN: MAVERICK until that film got pushed back two whole years! Filled with CG jets and not a lot else, is it worth your time? Maybe! We’re joined by The Carnage Report’s Nick Spacek to discuss Billy Joel, werewolves, redemption stories and – of course – all the latest Eric Roberts news. CHECK IT OUT!

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FLASH! AHH-AHHH! On this episode of Whatever Happened to Vic Diaz we jump ahead to 1988 and this Eddie Romero-directed action movie (with quite a bit of broad comedy) starring Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones. It also features some absolutely horrible audio, some unique computer hacking, and lots and lots of explosions. Also, Vic Diaz shows up! Check it out.

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