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We’re BREAKING FORMAT with another super SPOOOoooOKY Cinema Smorgasbord Halloween Special! This time around we’re discussing our favorite Halloween costumes and giving some brief thoughts on some recent buzzy horror films, before jumping into spoiler-free discussions of Rebekah McKendry’s GLORIOUS and Christian Tafdrup’s SPEAK NO EVIL. It gets HEATED! Who cares about parties and trick-or-treating? It’s time to LISTEN!


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A Belarusian government-funded propaganda action film featuring Sally Kirkland and ERIC ROBERTS? That sort of thing is par for the course on Eric Roberts is the Man REDUX. On this episode we’re joined by writer/podcaster Robert Skvarla to talk about male enhancement, smoking pot, JOKER, and 2016’s THE CODE OF CAIN. All that and the latest Eric Roberts news, so why not listen?

This episode’s guest is writer and podcaster Robert Skvarla! Follow him on Twitter @RobertSkvarla, and check out the Evil Eye podcast here.

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