On the latest ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN: REDUX we’re joined by author/director Jeremy Herbert to watch 1999’s FACADE! It’s filled with crime, obnoxious noises, “comedy”, and so much more. We also chat about Steven Seagal, DISNEY ADULTS, the monsterverse, dog spies and, of course, all things Eric Roberts! CHECK IT OUT!

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What better way to celebrate the life and work of actor Eric Roberts than watching a film where his performance was pasted in from a different movie entirely? That’s the case with A KARATE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, which is already pretty darn confusing, and then they add in scenes from a horror movie, and then forget to have any karate in it. OOPS! Anyway, this is real bad, but thankfully we have martial arts expert (and author of the memoir I OVERCAME MY AUTISM AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY ANXIETY DISORDER) Sarah Kurchak joining us to break it all down in detail. IT’S A MIRACLE!

Our guest on this episode if the always wonderful Sarah Kurchak. Her book I OVERCAME MY AUTISM AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY ANXIETY DISORDER: A MEMOIR can be purchased in the US on Amazon, and via the Douglas & McIntyre website right here. Follow Sarah on Twitter @FodderFIgure.

Read the glowing review of A KARATE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE from Empire State News right here.

You can watch A KARATE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE for free (with ads) on Tubi.TV.