On the latest ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN: REDUX we’re joined by author/director Jeremy Herbert to watch 1999’s FACADE! It’s filled with crime, obnoxious noises, “comedy”, and so much more. We also chat about Steven Seagal, DISNEY ADULTS, the monsterverse, dog spies and, of course, all things Eric Roberts! CHECK IT OUT!

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On this special SUPER SPOOKY episode of Cinema Fantastica we’re going all the way back to the 1991 Toronto International Film Festival’s MIDNIGHT MADNESS program! This time we’re looking at two somewhat forgotten horror films from the time: John McNaughton’s head-swapping satire THE BORROWER takes on Tony Randel’s Fangoria-produced vampire film CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT!

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Liam is currently moving his family to a new state (with, presumably, the cops hot on his tail), and we planned ineffectively so didn’t have an episode ready this week. Instead, we’ve decided to throw up one of the fine, FINE podcasts available on the Cinepunx Network: Horror Business – also featuring Liam O’Donnell as well as Justin Lore.

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