On this heart-racing episode of WILD IN THE STREETS we’re looking at the seminal 1972 poliziottesco film EXECUTION SQUAD (aka La polizia ringrazia)! The film takes a surprisingly balanced look at the war between cops and criminals in Italy in the early 70s, with a sympathetic police commissioner (Enrico Maria Salerno) battling both violent psychopaths, as well as a group of vigilantes (the EXECUTION SQUAD) taking vengeance into their own hands. CHECK IT OUT!


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It’s PRAISING KANE, and after three episodes we are ready for a film that features more than two minutes of Carol Kane on-screen. Thankfully, William Fruet’s WEDDING IN WHITE delivers a strong lead performance from Kane, who is surrounded by some heavy-hitters (including Donald Pleasence)! While this Canadian drama is somewhat obscure, despite having won Best Feature Film at the 1972 Canadian Film Awards, it’s really well made, affecting and often depressing as hell. LISTEN TO US TALK ABOUT IT!